Pavilhão Industrial Planta Características Frisomat

Ready to go in no-time

Frisomat designs, develops, produces and constructs prefabricated buildings in cold-formed steel. Our economical, quick and easy construction principle is unrivalled. Every part simply fits into place thanks to its predefined concept. Frisomat guarantees a short project cycle and a best price-quality ratio, thanks to an automated manufacturing process, fast assembly and rigorous quality control. This results in buildings which are not only long-lasting, but also easy to maintain.

Frisomat is the only international steel builder that offers an integrated approach. From R&D, design and manufacturing to worldwide transport, assembly and aftersales service. This way, we can always meet your requirements, regardless of the purpose and the geographical location of your building.

Dimensions & Roof

High-quality and versatile buildings at an unbeatable price. Extendable and expandable at all times. The galvanized frames are placed every 4 metres. Dimensions can vary depending on local requirements and regulations.
For free spans up to 60 metres, heights up to 12 metres and other roof slopes, check the Frisomat PROseries or contact us.

Pavilhão Metálico Cilíndrico Frisomat

Round shaped building
The arched steel hangar with elegant lines for permanent or temporary storage space has proven its effectiveness.

Estrutura Metálica Armazenamento Preta Exterior Frisomat

Building with a duo-pitch roof of 10°
Modern design with a slight roof pitch.

Estrutura Metálica Armazenamento Branca Exterior Frisomat

Building with a duo-pitch roof of 22°
This building offers a maximum of interior space. The gable roof with a pitch of 22° gives the building its classic look.


Frisomat foundations are efficient and economical. Depending on the subsoil of your area, the following foundations can be selected:

Bloco Pré-fabricado Frisomat

Prefab blocks
Allowing for a minimum amount of foundation work, in a minimum amount of time, while offering maximum stability.

Lintel em Betão com Gravilha em Redor Frisomat

Concrete plinths
Set in poured concrete after digging small holes in the subsoil. This ensures the structure will last for many years.

Parafuso em Estrutura Metálica Frisomat

Concrete slab
With expansion bolts or chemical anchors in the floor to create a solid construction base.

Cladding & Colours

To produce the sheets used for your walls and roof cladding, Frisomat only uses steel of the highest quality with a zinc or a zinc magnesium layer. Roof sheeting can be chosen with or without anti-condensation film for non-insulated buildings.

For insulated sandwich panels, various predefined thicknesses and types of insulation can be selected. You can also choose between a number of Frisomat Colours to make everything match your company’s image.

Non-insulated cladding
(single sheets)

Lateral Pavilhão Industrial Metálico Frisomat

Insulated cladding
(sandwich panels)

Escala de Cor Frisomat

Frisomat Colours


Sliding door

Portão Metálico Deslizante de Hangar de Armazenamento Frisomat
  • Easy to handle with one person
  • Heights: 2.5m – 3m – 3.5m – 4m – 4.5m
  • Width: 4 or 6m – 2 wings hanging
  • White or grey

Frisomat XL door®

Entrada Pavilhão Desportivo Helicóptero Frisomat
  • A rolling 4-6 multi wings sliding door (>10m) is available for round shaped buildings

Sectional door

Portão Metálico de Hangar de Armazenamento Frisomat
  • Insulated
  • Heights: 2.5m – 3m – 3.5m – 4m – 4.5m
  • Width: 4m and 5m
  • Different colours possible

Man door 

Portão Metálico de Pavilhão de Armazenamento Frisomat
  • White or grey
  • Inwards or outwards-turning
  • Anti-panic

Windows & roof light panels


Pavilhão Metálico Janela Exterior Frisomat
  • PVC
  • Height: 1m
  • Width: 1 – 2 – 3m
  • Frame, purlins and finishing pieces included
  • White

Roof light panels

Exterior Painel Pavilhão Metálico Frisomat
  • Light panels in 5 or 10% of the roof surface allowing sufficient daylight into the building

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